Friday, March 7, 2014

Visual Talker - The Simplest AAC App Ever!

Although there are many AAC apps, this is the simplest and most practical tool for anyone who has a difficulty to speak. Based on the sentences from real life, it will give you a great ability to express yourself in the way easier than ever!

Check what Visual Talker offers:

- suggestion next word by basic sentence information initially then learning as use

- you can add new words instantly and reuse them by Extra button

- full sentence suggestion by self-learning

- real human voice and options for recording your own voice

- a sentence strip with pictures and words to appear on, which, when tapped, reads the message for the user

- option to say words when pictures are tapped, when sentence strip is tapped, or both

- extensive image library via search engines as well as taking photos and camera roll

- history, color code, search for sentences, words.

All about Visual Talker is it can learn what you want to speak, the more you use the smarter it will be!